About me

A passion for problem solving through Design and Creative thinking techniques and rationalisation.

A collaborative creation facilitator, who loves to include the final user in the loop.

Enjoys the creation of value through UX Strategy.


I believe in

Agile as a mindset to reach results in a fulfilling way.

Learning as a measure for success.

Putting people at the center of every action and process. Success, including financial success, will follow.

Solving problems through Design rationalization.

Analysing and understanding the problems before jumping to solutions.

Collaboration as a crucial way to innovation.

UX and Business co-creation of a company strategy.

Diversity as a way to see the world through different eyes.

Empathy as a personality trait. It can be trained, but it can’t be taught.

Divergent thinking as a tool to challenge assumptions.


I enjoy

A collaborative company mindset.

A horizontal company structure.

Contributing in creating an enjoyable environment.

Playing table fussball.

An open to feedback culture.

Leadership rather than management.

Gender Equality at the workplace.